Join an innovative group of

virtual assistants, project managers and data advocates

who are mastering the art of workflow automations and business optimisation

VA Onboard provides its members the opportunity

to up skill themselves and support the growth of their clients.

Gain the skills, confidence and framework to support yourself, your clients and community!

Gain access to

Being a Consultant Can Be Lonely

Whether you call yourself a Virtual Assistant, Project Manager, Social Media Manager, Integrator or Admin Support - working as a solo business owner can be lonely.

The work you do is fixed and the ability to reach out to ask for support or training in up levelling your skills, may not be something your client can invest in.

VA Onboard provides its members a community of fun loving people who enjoy learning new skills, as well as support for troubleshooting technical problems.

Member Benefits

Made for you!

Deep Dives

Gain valuable insights by thoroughly exploring a tool or workflow. We provide a comprehensive understanding of a system or process. Giving you the ability to develop targeted strategies for clients

Templates & Guides

Our collection of member's only templates and guides are here to rescue you from the time-consuming cycle of figuring things out. Allowing you to streamline your client's processes and maximise your productivity.

Community Support

Members can seek support, share successes and challenges, and receive encouragement from peers. This support system provides you accountability, confidence, and well-being.

Speaker Series

Each month, we bring in a specialist in their field to walk through a tip or process to up level your skills. Additionally, participants have the chance to engage in Q&A sessions and gain direct insights from industry experts.

Digital Dinner Parties

Get together and meet in the 'digital world'. Collaborate with other team members and exchange ideas. Build networks and gain the opportunity for more spontaneous and dynamic brainstorming sessions


all recorded training sessions are transcribed in Tagalog

if you would like a session transcribed in your language reach out to the team

Who's right for VA Onboard

(and who isn't!)

The biggest fear a client has when hiring an off-shore or remote team member is...

are they going to do the work assigned to them or are they going to GHOST me?

The members who join VA Onboard

love working on themselves, learning new skills and

have the integrity to overcome any barriers.

They put their hands up 🙋🏻‍♀️ to ask questions, make suggestions and support others.
They do the work they say they are going to do and deliver the goods or services as agreed...and if in doubt

they will reach out to the community to troubleshoot and work through any issues.

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