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VA Onboard helps consultants and business coaches outsource their every-day task list to reliable, trained virtual staff so they can grow their revenue, remove that feeling of overwhelm and reduce the time they spend ‘on’ the business!

“You are my favourite person to work with!.”
Michael L
Graphic Designer ~ Upwork

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Are you feeling overwhelmed and don’t have the ability to train or outsource? We can help.

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There’s more to outsourcing than simply having a to-do list. You don’t have to be a rocket scientist to make it work, but there is an art and a little science to successful outsourcing. Take this quiz and find out!

What others are saying

I worked with Katey for over 3 years. My whole experience with her has been very productive and memorable. She taught me many things like how to be competitive and to always exceed my self's expectations. Katey has always gone beyond her way to give me the support I needed. I'll always be grateful for the time we spent working together.
Faye V
Virtual Admin Assistant Upwork
Katey has excellent leadership skills and is a great communicator to her teammates. She provides clear instructions yet will let you decide how things should be, which opens an opportunity for your own independent learning. She recognizes that each person has their own work process and respects it. Katey knows when to delegate tasks and nevertheless is a good business partner.
Leah C
Customer Care Support Outsourcing Angel
Katey is very professional, considerate, very detailed and thorough. When I worked with her, the Projects that I got were well planned and clear, meaning it consisted of good documentation and detailed instructions on what to do. If given the chance and time, would work with her again.
Arthur M
Website Designer RemoteStaff

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Working alone creates a stress that no one needs right now! VAOnboard is the next best thing to cloning yourself, because we build teams that support you!

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