When hiring a Virtual Assistant (VA), you need to think about Three (3) Things:


Do they answer emails and other customer service portals (eg. Comments and inboxes on: Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Membership site)?

Do they create systems and processes or set up your sales funnel sequences?

Do they have technology skills and can build/create websites?

Are they able to write copy or blog posts for you?

A little bit of all of this… aka the unicorn


Do they follow your systems and process (if you have any)?


Are they to have systems and processes in place for you to work along with?

This would include how to communicate with you and inform you of progress made, what technology matters to your business operations and how they are to support you.

[You’ll be surprised by how many entrepreneurs expect that their VA would “just know” without being provided any guides, training, or real information about the business and how they as a person operates]


Some virtual assistants are made for just doing a particular job. Thinking, Decision Making or Assessing Importance – is not within their skill set. They suit jobs such as data entry and site fixes. They can answer customer questions using a guide or template. However, they’ll always need your time and attention to oversee their work and advise what the next task is. Setting the deadline needs to be set by you.

Executive Virtual Assitants or Advanced Virtual Assistants, have the ability to oversee and develop some systems and process for you. They are your next level virtual assistant who can do general admin, as well as some technical work. They can even manage your data entry type VA.

Technical Virtual Assistants – are they team members who solely focus on website development and automations (eg. connecting facebook to website to product/services sales sequence and email sequence). They may do light copy writing, but that is not really their skills. Some of them have Customer Journey and Conversion Design skills and will be able to provide you with strategic advice, others will need to you to tell them how you want the website designed.

Search Marketing Virtual Assistants – more than ranking you on the first page of google – these virtual assistants specialise in optimising all forms of ‘search enquiries’… including users searching Facebook, LinkedIn and other platforms. If you are not sure how it works, check this article by Search Engine Journal. This is a long haul service as results can take three (3) to six (6)months.

Social Media Marketing Virtual Assistants – these digital admin assistants fall into two categories: one is a strategist and the other a content poster and customer care agent. The strategist can sometimes do both roles, but typically they don’t. Results also take time and vary based on product or service.

Project Managers and Affiliate Managers – designed for short term services. These specialist Virtual Assistants help launch that webinar/course or set up your affiliate marketing campaigns. They take on the role of being your events manager in the digital space. The services and results you expect from these people depends greatly on what exactly you want them to take of for you.

Online Business Manager/Digital Operations Manager – these people are your business’s strategic advisers. The oversee the growth of your business. The hire they right people to fill the role for what you need. They provide you peace of mind while you are away on holiday or other important moments in your life. These people help make decisions for and with you, the look at your systems and processes, and discover ways they can be improved or develop new ones to help your grow. This is who you hire when your capacity to oversee the training and development of your digital team and need high level business support.


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